''Every day brings new choices,

today you have

made the right one''



How Can I help? 



Feeling like you have lost your creative flow, need a simple critique, or  want someone to guild you to newer and exciting  heights in your photography journey? what ever your need i can help you transform desired areas. 


After years in the photography world I understand you can find yourself in a repetitive cycle of the the details of running a business. I want you to innovate yourself in imaginative thinking to release your full potential with mindfulness exercises and focus on what you want in your career.


Running a business can be stressful but it doesn't need to be. You don't need to sabotage your health and relationships with a 70 hour week. I can help with simple tips and tricks on how to balance your life without comprising your body, business or well being.


Hi I’m Audrey. Welcome to my world...

And what a world it is! I’m a mum of two, as well as a wedding portrait and fine art photographer. Balancing these very demanding but amazing worlds has led me to develop my passions further. Do you want to join me on my journey?

The desire to explore new and personal creative levels has been my focus for many years. My hard work is paying off and I’m now recognised most within the photography industry for my dark beauty style of work. I’m so proud to have won many awards not only locally, but nationally too.

I love working with people. As well as photographing them, I also love to teach! Through my workshops I share the secrets of running a business but it’s not always about the practical stuff. We need to focus on how to look after ourselves too.

I share balance and mindfulness techniques that help to maintain focus when running a business or even just being a busy person. This holistic approach to maintaining my work / life balance has been the most important element to keeping my world creative and happy, with my family at the heart of everything I do.

Join my creative circle and you will find yourself reaching heights you never thought you could!

Audrey xx



Im super excited to help 




A 3 day wellness and rejuvenation retreat located in County Fermanagh, Ireland, aims to align your personal and souls values to promote yourself in an authentic way. Spend some time away from hustle and bustle in a Luxury Lodge, enjoy peace and tranquility of the Irish Lakeside in a non judgmental space so you’re free to be yourself and explore your dream life, dream business and concentrate on YOU. Learn how to develop your world with a positive mindset with guidance from me and a group of new friends. I strongly believe a successful life has to start with keeping care of your body and mind before you can take on the world. I will provide holistic support to create a positive balance and healthy boundaries.